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Related article: Date: Wednesday, June 14th 2008 00th 0000 17th 44 From: Hankster1430 BellSouth. net Subject: Brian Tucker, and Chapter 8 n and Brian Tucker Part Two Chapter Eight Brian and Tuck went to the apartment of their children in a warm and sunny morning on Friday. had arranged for a whole weekend far away, from Friday to Monday instead. wanted ` fishing and had rented a rustic cabin on a beautiful lake about two hours northeast of the city. That's where Tuck and Brian had gone idyllic weekend of many in the past. Jim and Jeff had Meta, n cabin was very secluded, very private and the other cabin was closest about a mile away. as they were packing, Jim joked with Brian and Jeff Tuck lives " Brokeback Mountain", except that they are not cowboys. Jeff agreed that there are n sure what it seemed. The children jumped into Lolitas Bbs the van of the middle seats Tucks "and Jeff summarily announced that they had breakfast. " We have not, "Brian told him," so we leave a place to stop. look for " " There areand Denny is one of about four blocks from here, "said Jim Tuck. " Let's stop n there. " ` all decided what the heck "They were on vacation and therefore all ordered Super Grand Slam. They finished every bite, they were surprised, , and congratulated each other through laughter. Brian contradicts took the check and Jeff. "inject Listen, " Tuck joke to his son. "This trip is doing in the old , that his two older men, so only two can withdraw their portfolios, and not hear about it. " N "It works for me. " Jeff and he replied Jim. Back in the car were moments of awkward silence. spoke n about Lolitas Bbs anything and everything. He spoke of the opportunities of local computer in the playoffs, his work, his sex life ( range, but no embarrassing, just some amusing incidents ), the probability of Jim and friend in common Jeff, Michael, and Jim college roommate Jerry, could about something beautiful, etc, etc Chatcooperation between them simple, and never forced. They were more like old friends for a long time, as parents and children. They reached the hut in which they appeared, no time at all. The four men loaded the cars and equipment, including fishing transition, never use in the cabin. They entered a large lounge / dining room, fully furnished. The dining room opens into the kitchen just large. It was a fuse box in the kitchen. Brian left of the box and hit the circuits in the position. the refrigerator s began to hum. There were two doors on one side of life the space that led to the two bedrooms. Also out of the room was a small corridor , which led to a small bathroom, and next to the dining room there sliding glass doors leading to a small terrace overlooking the lake. lobby had a sofa, coffee table and two chairs on each side of the seat of love. " This is perfect," said Jeff and Jim agreed. Meta had been a case of beer with them, and said, You had "Let the beer to in the fridge, and put the clothes So let's go to the store n and buy something to eat. ". each filled with a lot of camping clothes for the weekend. "No loggers know," said Tuck for their children ", but Brian and I will not have bring a lot of these things anyway. " N "We always use the room at the left side, " Meta said. He took his bag n and Sun took Brian followed and closed the door. Jeff and Jim could not help smiling. They entered his room, put on their clothes and will always put in a drawer in the office had to be small. were given good morning kiss, however, and returned to the room of the s. the door of his parents was still closed, said Jeff opened and screamed. "Hey guys, you have plenty of time for later Now we shopping. " The door opened and two fully clothed, red-faced, middle-aged men, came out, obviously very vertical. The four of them laughed, but managed to contain , not even enough time to return the car. all n thought to herself how amazing it was that there was no shame n between them. They were all her lovers and adequate erections, happen. So what ? Meta took about three miles and drove to a small group of transactions. o sooner had a city. One of the stores of an old general is stored. " Here we are," said Tuck, and parked outside the store. They came in, , and Brian Tucker, and went to the refrigerator section for butter, milk, eggs and orange juice. They also bought bread, jam, ketchup, minced, fresh bread, a couple of juicy steaks and a variety of other needs. The next stop was in the freezer, where they picked up frozen french fries, and a selection of frozen vegetables. act of Jim and Jeff, however, were like a couple of kids. that s passed through the store, pick up the chips, popcorn, chocolate bars running and other snacks. The son of store ownerwas in the box. The four visitors' began to drool. It was Drop Dead Gorgeous. He stood six feet tall. because was not an ounce of fat on him. Her shirt barely contain his bulging muscles rippled and chest. She watched her steel blue eyes as he asked, " You see people here? " " Yes," said Tuck, and told him where he lived. " Pity," said the piece. " Fishing is not so good at this time. would be better near a mile farther on the lake. " " We'll be fine," said Jeff, just to be Mr. America to speak. "We We are here just to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation this place to us. " " Yes," agreed the young man. " It is always good, away from the bustle of the city. I come here every weekend and help my people in the store. It relaxes me and gives me a break people. " Her smile was n so contagious that Jeff was invited to a friendly game He stretched his hand and said. "I'm Jeff Simmons, this is my father, Tucker my ​​Godferether, Brian O'Toole. "Then do not hesitate to swing with and without in all, he put his arm around Jim 's shoulder and said :" The Greek Adonis is my partner, Jim Lester. "I expected a response from the piece but all I got was an outstretched hand. If your hands were found, said the gallant, " I'm Ron Fisher. It is a pleasure to meet people. " " Where do you come to work in the city? "I asked Jim. He really wanted to know. This guy could be a friend. " I am an investment advisor, "he said. " I very recently on my own, hired an area of ​​200 Elm north of downtown, "he said. " I do not think so, " said Jeff. " We are across the street in the twenty- first One of my best friends , and my college roommate is in the building. it is , a lawyer, Michael Costello. " Ron threw his head back and saw Jeff in unbelief. " Should be jokes. Michael is my lawyer. My partner what he refers to me (uh oh). Michael I put my name on my certificate of incorporation and all that legal sTuff to your partner. Wait a minute. " He took his wallet from his pocket and fumbled for a card. " He also suggested get an accountant before things take a. I have the right card n here, and he is in the building. Perhaps you know him? "He looked at the card and laughed. " Are you, "he said. " This is unbelievable. I I am so happy to have met you and I promise you, Jeff, I'll call for an appointment of the morning of Monday. " " Making Tuesday, "said Jeff. " We are here until Lolitas Bbs Monday night booked. " This is a business," said Ron, and he could not stop smiling. Jeff, if business man, thought that an investment adviser was another great source business recommendations. The same thought crossed the mind of Jim. Only then still beautiful, well-built man entered the store. Brian and Tucker, Jeff and Jim were very slow all the eye candy you enjoy this space had to offer. The young man had dark black hair, brown eyes soft and the squares of each jawthey had ever seen. He immediately goes to Ron regardless of the assembled masses, hit a wet kiss on Ron lips. " Hey man," said Ron. I want my partner, Foster Grant to be fair, and Please do not laugh. He is not in connection with people sunglasses. " The Develop a presentation to the whole world, adding: " Foster, Michael Costello roomed Jeff's college, and they are good friends. Can you believe it? " " This is unbelievable, "said Foster. " We must come together in the city , and really get to know each other. Too bad, Michael is unique. " " I'm not so sure, guys. I recently introduced my college roommate s, Jerry, and things seem to be moving pretty well, " Jim informed. Foster and Ron whispered together," Do not tell me ! "After Foster added: " I thought, , which was a bitch and a BA role. " Brian Tucker and thinking the same thought. It was a scene of déjà vu in the one at the airport on his honeymoon many years ago. Despite thatenjoyed the jokes, and Brian Tucker were trying again cab and sex. Had been so long since they were able to steal together. "It's great players, but old enough to return to the cockpit. need our peace and quiet," more than U. S. youth. UU. "Said n joke with a raised eyebrow. He and Brian met food and put in the car while the young men parted, exchanged cards and promised to together in the city. Jeff noted that Foster was an architect. also realized that his circle and Jim Gay Friends was increased. had heard that making your own gay gay families, and could see that the n for them. back in the hut, put the food in the fridge for easy. perishable Then, without any shame, Meta Brian grabbed some from the waist and said, " Look guys we are as hot as hell, so that only you please apology. " He pushed Brian into the room and closedof the door. The cabin was great, but was not isolated. The bed creaked very strong and every word was heard everywhere in the cabin. Jeff and Jim had to sit on the sofa in the living room and which is a bit, but I could hear the creaking of the bed and then serenata were: Sucking cock, baby. Suck harder, my love. Stop coming before n love. Etc. Sometimes the words were spoken by Brian n times Tuck. It was a bit quiet and then heard Brian say, " to take home, my love. Make baby happy. " And then began the bed, according to crunch. Brian and Tuck are aware that the noise they made, but not give a damn. All this was too much for Jeff and Jim. Before I knew what hit them, , completely undressed and lying on the couch 69 in one position. that s were so hot they could not take the time to enter the bedroom. sucked n tails of others for a while, and then moved on the ground, , who had a not forsoft carpet. They have not even realized how hard the earth was. I had gone too far in sexual ecstasy. There was no lubricant useful, according to Jeff spat in his hand and his dick wet. Between the saliva and Jim, felt safe enough to wait for Jim to give love tank. Jim was on his back in the middle of preparation and anticipation of pleasure to come to. Jim Jeff joined easily. Both were surprised by how easy it always going to be for them to each other. They murmured, as the joy to give to each other increases. Jeff could not contain more and came with a gasp. was not wet enough. Brian Tuck was convicted when they learned of the scream. This meant only a cry, and both parents smiled and returned to please others. Meta, said: " You are on the floor of the living room, otherwise we would have n bed creaked a long time. " When Jeff arrived, and Jim take a break and switch positions. Needless to say the two young horses was long before their parents. would be take some time before they want to learn to put off their highs. came to Jim, she slept in his arms on the hard life land. There was no disorder. His semen was buried in the rectum. is so deep in sleep No, did not hear the screams of their parents " if each of them Lolitas Bbs came and shouted these two guys do not stop, n in their new freedom. Unlike their children splashed with sperm. the bathroom was down the hall. She opened the secret door and saw the two young stallions sleeping on the floor. like two angels, and a parents with a smile satisfaction. as quietly as possible, crawled to the n and a clean bathroom. on the way back to his room, stood over the sleeping beauties and admire her beautiful body. There is plenty of space on each side of children of another body to join them. they read each other's heads and put slept with his son Brian and lay down next toJim. The older men until the children sat down and fell asleep. In his dream, Tuck was aware that sleeping with a man and not Maryann. He knew it was not Brian. The body next to him was more difficult and more more muscular than Brian. Your muscle memory sent his arm around her mate below the waist and the belly is a little loose in the rest of from the tap. In his dream, he began to fondle his penis and began to dream cure. The sleeping body turned to leave and Lolitas Bbs pushed his cock forward. cocks The two met, kissed and rubbed against each other. Both points were very hard. It's amazing how real it can be a dream. The two faces were inches and an ethereal is approaching. their lips met and started kissing. Her lips parted and their tongues connected without problems. Your hands groping each other's body in search of the wonder of wonders, love their tools. It is good to feel that. The real love was the takeover of lust y pure sex. In his dream, everybody thought, " I love this man, who need him so bad. " In the coming years, would not be able to tell, which began to awaken the first, but climb. Jeff was the first to be aware of what is passes. Did no attempt to boot. All I could think of what it Lolitas Bbs was, "is my fantasy. It's true. " Meta She went to him and hugged him so hard he did not know s of his father could not leave. Now Target has also entered the field of consciousness. I wanted to talk, but it was Jeff to kiss so strong it can no. was so far gone at this point would not have stopped the love do if he wanted. " Fuck me daddy, please. I beg you, "said Jeff. Tuck was in a stupor. I was not thinking clearly. I thought Jeff sounded distressed. If he is not doing what Jeff did, that a child n die. Jeff turned back, and goal arrived without lubrication. it hurt for a moment Jeff, but did not care. his father it fucked with a baseball bat, and he would not mind having. It was as if I had done this would have all his life, that's how easy it were found with a smooth and steady pace. She began to moan softly, as Tuck leaned over and kissed his son. Fingers found her nipples and get Jeff began to pinch the senses. Jeff whispered to his father.. "I've dreamed of this moment, as lame by Brian saw my dream come true I do not think that give a rat 's fuck what society makes of it. For you and me, is n right. " " I know my son. I think that is correct. just hope that the dream of two accordance beauties. I love Brian so much, it hurts when I think about it, " added - whispered again, feeling his climax is approaching. Jeff was in the process cum like the tail of his father, gently rubbed against his prostate. Her moans grew louder her orgasm approached. Brian and Jim began to stir. He awoke, wrapped together with two men s are next to them while shouting the loudest peak ear. " What the fuck? " Jim shouted. He was surprised but not angry. that Jeff knew what fantasy and reality was nothing. Jeff 's father s no danger to him or love him Jeff. He was also a positive n to Tuck and Brian were kindred spirits when he and Jeff. Meta Jeff sat down and rolled. There was no place for him to lie next to Brian. The couch was on the road, so Brian could easily be torso and began much love, that kiss Brian melted under him. Now Jeff was able to shoot at Jim and he wanted to say something, but Jim put with a finger to his lips Jeff points out that no words are needed. in this way for a while, wrapped, the two peers in the other the arms and in their mutual love, told Jim: " Not fair, Tuck, that enjoy these young cock and let me out. " With these words, Tuck away from him and grabbed Jim 's cock. " Wow", said in a mocking tone. " Young cock feels so much better than the old from the tap. "When he grabbed Jim 's cock in order to separate Jim Jeff Brian more space, so Brian took advantage of the situation and went to Jim. I had the events of the last half hour was so impressed that Jim almost immediately, which Brian laughed. " I abhor," he said. "Cola de gallo old younger. N was too fast, my child. I just had the opportunity to enjoy. " The n was added later: " But they taste good. " this continued Jim, Brian and Jeff went to his father. then there are n is it truly. They kept changing positions and their partners, not n had knowledge of who did what to whom. No. At some point, and Jim Jeff returned, but Brian and Tuck had for the moment. Finally, Tuck asked: "Has anyone noticed how hard this level is" Everyone got up and decided it was time to clean. He showered after a for a while. The shower was too small for more than one person. That had been lost lunch together, and it was time to startThinking about dinner. " steaks or hamburgers? " Meta respondents said Brian: "I see an idea and I wonder if Ron Foster available to join us, and if so, is divided and can therefore.. " Jeff took his wallet and pulled Ron card business. Fortunately, his phone number was on it. Ron answered after one ring. he thought, that was a generous invitation, Jeff asked to keep a minute while he spoke Foster, and then accepted. "Being here about six," said Jeff. He hung up the phone, went to the family of his Lolitas Bbs s said. "It is necessary to install six years, then we must have n dressed" To be continued
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